Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

The Montran RTGS system is specifically designed to meet and exceed the international standards required by today's Central Banks for real‐time gross settlement processing.

Backup Real-Time Gross Settlement (BRTGS)

The Montran Backup RTGS Solution is built to meet and exceed the stringent resiliency and disaster recovery readiness standards of today's Financial Market Infrastructure Operators all over the world with minimal disruption to the participating stakeholders in the event of a switch.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The Montran ACH is an electronic clearing system that processes real time payment instructions sent by participants, including low‐value payment orders and bulk files, direct debit instructions and checks.

Real Time Payments System (RTP)

The Montran Real Time Payments solution complements the National Payment Systems through an immediate payments layer that can either interface with existing RTGS or Clearing House systems, or can run as a separate service.

Real-Time Payments Gateway (RTPG)

The Montran Real-Time Payments Gateway Solution complements the participant systems used to connect to National Payment Systems through a Real-Time payments service that runs alongside existing GPS or Gateway systems.

Central Securities Depository (CSD)

The Montran CSD offers a wide range of depository functions, managing the primary register as well as transactions on the secondary market through DvP Model 1.

Trading System (TS)

Montran's Trading System provides electronic market places and the associated facilities for trading financial instruments. Performance, reliability and versatility make this product a great choice for Exchanges and Central Banks.

Global Payments System (GPS)

The latest open-system release of Montran's successful and proven Global Payments System is an online system for the automatic processing of all payments both foreign and domestic.

Virtual Account Management System (VAM)

The Montran VAM platform is a virtual in-house bank supporting real-time global cash and liquidity management for bank and corporate treasury, including payment and collection factory requirements.

Enhanced Filtering System (EFS)

The Montran Enhanced Filtering System is designed to operate as an independent, standalone system that will scan and filter messages received from a variety of networks and applications.

Investigation and Compensation (INV)

The Montran INV permits on-line investigation of all transaction histories, processing of inquiries from external and internal networks, automatic calculation of compensation, and more.

General Accounting System (GAS)

The strength of Montran’s Accounting System lies in its flexibility. The Accounting System not only streamlines operations, it conforms to the Bank’s way of handling transactions.

SEPA Gateway

The Montran Gateway for SEPA offers any bank an efficient and inexpensive solution for becoming SEPA compliant. It stands with the Montran GPS family of products and can be used either by itself, or with other GPS components.

Message Gateway (MES)

The Montran MES handles all routing of messages for customers that need access to Multiple Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSM), SWIFT, and other proprietary messaging systems.

Global WebStation (GWS)

The Montran GWS is a cross-platform, client-facing component of the Montran Electronic Banking and Payment System. It connects remote bank branches and corporate clients to the operations of a host bank.

Automated Transfer System (ATS)

The Montran ATS is specifically designed to meet and exceed the standard required by today’s Central Banks for both real-time gross settlement and automated clearing house processing.