National Bank of Georgia and Georgian Central Securities Depository go LIVE with Montran Multi-entity CSD Platform

December 3, 2018 – For over 20 years Montran has had a long-standing relationship with the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) as its prime Payment and Securities Market Infrastructure technology solution provider.

In December 2018, NBG successfully migrated to Montran’s latest CSD release. The solution was expanded as a platform to host additional CSDs in the territory of Georgia. The upgrade scope was expanded to include the operations of the Georgian Central Securities Depository, a privately owned commercial CSD servicing the Georgian Capital Market.

The platform is built on best market practice, and will be promoted as a solution to increase capital market stability, oversight, and external investment market attractiveness to the over 50 countries operating Montran Infrastructure solutions and others.

Highlight Features Include:

  • Innovative technical and functional design to support hosting of multiple CSD entities under a single instance application installation;
  • Settlement of transactions in corporate bonds and equities in ‘Central Bank’s money’ which makes settlements faster, cheaper and more reliable than before;
  • Electronic pledging of eligible corporate bonds for refinancing operations with the NBG or using them for REPO operations by market participants;
  • Efficient collateral management;
  • Stakeholders’ management approach to support multiple roles set-up for the same institution;
  • Auctioning facilities for various types of financial instruments (fixed income, equities, funds) issued either by the government or by the private sector;
  • Wide range of corporate actions processed in relation with the supported financial instrument types;
  • Settlement optimization techniques (netting, partial settlement, on-stock and on-flow auto collateralization, linked instructions);
  • Sophisticated loan management mechanism, including extensive eligibility criteria set-up;
  • Ultimate user experience facility for secondary market instructions creation;
  • Comprehensive and flexibly configured billing options.