About Montran

Comprehensive Payment, Clearing and Settlement Systems

Since 1979, Montran has been pre-eminent in designing and implementing cost-effective, comprehensive Payment, Clearing and Settlement solutions that are Java-based and platform independent. The company has offices in the USA, Europe, South America, and India with over 100 installations throughout the world, including both Market Infrastructure and Payment systems in many of the world's foremost institutions. Montran is a SWIFT Solution Provider and the Montran Payment systems are SWIFT Certified applications.

Founded in 1979

From its inception in New York, Montran has developed payment and related systems that provide solutions for the international financial sector. The breadth and scope of our corporate experience in all aspects of payments processing is unique within the industry.

The Montran Strategy

Starting with commercial banks in New York and the United States, expanding into institutions in Western Europe, then Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, Montran 's corporate strategy accepts the challenges of worldwide financial integration. As the international banking community responds to market requirements, Montran's role in meeting these demands expands commensurately.

Montran's Key Product Line

Montran offers a complete line of payment solutions and related products for the financial services industry, including:

  • Global Payment System (GPS)
  • Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS)
  • Automated Clearing House System (ACH)
  • Automated Transfer System (ATS)
  • Central Securities Depository System (CSD)

Products anticipating market demand, include a 24x7, High Performance Real-Time Payments Environment with Participant Solutions that complement National Payment Systems, Card Switches, and Mobile Network Operators. Likewise, our integrated Compliance functionality is now available as a standalone module, the Extended Filtering System (EFS), which offers banks a centralized solution to regulatory concerns.

Montran Timeline
  • 1979: Founded in New York
  • 1985: Became a SWIFT partner
  • 1988: Opened offices in Europe, providing multi-bank (country) multi-currency payment systems to international banks
  • 1996: Montran began developing software products and integration capabilities based on the emerging open platform internet technology
  • 2000: Opened office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, expanding our product line to include market infrastructure systems for Central Banks and Clearing Institutions
  • 2010: Opened office in Quito, Ecuador to provide service to the growing demand in the Latin American region
  • 2013: Opened office in Mumbai, India to provide service in Asia Pacific region
  • Present: More than 40 Countries with Montran payment systems; over 100 installations

Montran has been a SWIFT Partner since 1985, and the payment systems are SWIFT Ready Applications. For more information on SWIFTReady certification programs, please click on the icon below.