Message Gateway (MES)

Montran has developed the Message Gateway component in response to the growing need by our customers for access to Multiple Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSM), Messaging Systems like SWIFT, and other proprietary messaging systems. The Message Gateway facilitates message exchange and allows multiple users and components to share resources. It handles all routing of messages externally and internally between Montran systems and other Bank component systems. Payment and Non-payment messages to and from SWIFT through FIN and SWIFTNet, CSMs, back-office interfaces, and Montran applications such as the Global Payment System (GPS), Investigation/Compensation System (INV) and Accounting System (GAS), are all passed through MES. The Montran Message Gateway handles all the routing, delivery, monitoring, management control, investigation and reconciliation of the messages including ACK/NAK processing.

Multibank Configuration

Typically, a Multibank Configuration consists of several Montran applications and a single MES application. Multiple GPS applications may be connected to the Message Gateway, representing different countries, regions or a centralized payment hub, each capable of operating independently from other Montran applications. This includes independent configuration parameters for all localization requirements, such as transaction flow, accounting, and charges, etc., and continues to provide the flexibility that is the strength of all Montran products. Shared resources include terminal and security features, such as Single Sign On (SSO) notification and alerts, and on-line Help documentation. The system also makes provision for a shared CIF_Database. If a system sharing a database is shut down, the database is not reallocated while another system is still using it.


MES is also a message investigation system that has the ability to investigate message relevant statuses at any point, and to monitor all message activity. The single MES application operates completely independently of other Montran applications and does not depend upon the operation of GPS, Investigation/Compensation (INV), or Accounting components. MES can easily be closed down for maintenance and brought back up. This facilitates the addition of other application components and interfaces that might be required.

  • Features
  • Security

Message Routers and Delivery Gateways

  • Flexible routing of messages and files
  • High reliability with powerful monitoring tools
  • Scalability from low to very high volume traffic
  • Supports ISO and all financial formats providing connectivity through all major protocols


The Montran MES provides the highest level of protection and confidentiality of transaction information in the industry. The security standards are designed to meet or exceed those of the SWIFT network, even when not directly interfacing with SWIFT. Data access security is provided through both digital signature and encryption technology based on Public Key Technology. For any sensitive operation, a four or even six‐eye approval policy is applied. Screens are designed to be user friendly and intuitive, with customizable menus by way of user profile functions. The system supports integration with an LDAP server as a Centralized User Repository, Single Sign On and two‐factor authentication.

  • Based on open system architecture
  • A standard browser based "thin client" user interface
  • Server application components written in Java and running in an enterprise environment, Java EE 5.0 application server
  • Interoperability through the use of standardized Java API (JDBC, JMS, JTA, JCA), Interface adapters, and SOA integration