Investigation and Compensation (INV)

Montran’s Investigation and Compensation System is completely interoperable with the Global Payments System and other Montran products, permitting on-line access to all transaction histories, processing all inquiries from external and internal networks, automatic calculation of compensation and creation of settlement payments, dispute management, automating the generation of correspondence, reminders and miscellaneous reports.

Inquiries are accepted electronically from major communication networks including SWIFT and email, case numbers are assigned, ticklers are created, and acknowledgments are transmitted through these same communication networks, all allowing supervisor monitoring of case loads, operator productivity and total case history.

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Other Features

  • Full investigation against a historical database of messages and payment records.
  • Inquiry processing: inquiries are accepted electronically or manually, logged, checked for duplication, and compared against original transaction historical database.
  • Compensations calculated and payments generated on the basis of customized rules for processing by payment services.
  • Maintenance of all correspondence, investigator activity, and case data for display.
  • Automatic Swift correspondence linking to cases upon arrival, or automatic new case creation.
  • Swift or Fed source messages or correspondences can be delinked from cases.
  • Automatic reminder: sets up future tickler or review dates for efficient case tracking and follow-up.
  • Generation and transmission of related correspondence and advices via SWIFT and Internet networks.
  • Customized message pre-formats for common inquiry types.
  • Incoming SWIFT responses to cases automatically attached to file and narrative sent to investigator advising response received.
  • Multiple document files (such as PDF, DOC, TEXT) can be attached to existing or newly created cases if needed.
  • Scratch pad facility to indicate action taken in chronological order.
  • Channeling of all new inquiries through investigations supervisor for review and allocation to staff.
  • On-line new, open and closed file monitoring capability.
  • Users can view "Work in progress" or "Comprehensive" monitors that list Investigation activity.
  • Investigation cases can be reassigned between units and personnel within the units.
  • Detailed and summary tracking and aging reports for all cases open on the system.
  • Listings of cases, correspondences or compensation payments are downloadable to Excel spreadsheet application.
  • Reports can be produced within a variety of specified categories, e.g., by unit, by error type, by customer and many more.

INV Modules

  • Investigation - Provides for the entry and processing of cases in the INV. Cases can be entered manually or automatically from SWIFT messages. After entry, cases can be modified at any time and/or reassigned to a different investigator. Users may switch from the investigation screens to one of the correspondence functions easily to initiate correspondence. All correspondences are linked to the original case for processing and investigation. Functions are also provided for closing cases, approving a close, and reopening a closed case, if necessary.
  • Compensation - The Enter Compensation function is used to manually enter compensations due for a case. Reference and data are retrieved from the original inquiry. Calculations are made based on the number of days outstanding, current Central Bank Fund and Reserve Rates, type of compensation due and any penalties that may have been incurred. The entry function also allows for the entry of the compensation details. More functions are provided for the repair, verification, approval and inquiry of compensations. There is also a compensation calculator. Functions are also available for error analysis and to provide outstanding details and summaries.
  • Correspondence - Provides for entering correspondence, which can be sent out automatically via SWIFT, Internet or printed for mailing. The correspondence may be free format or a user-defined template may be used. Functions are provided for modification, approval, and inquiry, as well as a function for resending previously generated correspondence.


The Montran INV provides the highest level of protection and confidentiality of transaction information in the industry. The security standards are designed to meet or exceed those of the SWIFT network, even when not directly interfacing with SWIFT. Data access security is provided through both digital signature and encryption technology based on Public Key Technology. For any sensitive operation a four or even six‐eye approval policy is applied. Screens are designed to be user friendly and intuitive with customizable menus by way of user profile functions. The system supports integration with an LDAP server as a Centralized User Repository, Single Sign On and two‐factor authentication.

  • Based on open system architecture
  • A standard browser based "thin client" user interface
  • Server application components written in Java and running in an enterprise environment, Java EE 5.0 application server
  • Interoperability through the use of standardized Java API (JDBC, JMS, JTA, JCA), Interface adapters, and SOA integration