Global WebStation (GWS)

A powerful three-tier, cross-platform, client-facing, Java-based application that enables the user to exercise complete control over accounts at the host bank…

Montran's Global Solutions

The Montran Global WebStation (GWS) is a cross-platform, client-facing component of the Montran Global Payment Solution. It connects remote bank branches and corporate clients to the operations of a host bank.
The core design principles and standards for the GWS system are:

  • GWS is a pure Java application, using IP‐based communication and web‐based thin‐client interface.
  • Conforms to industry standards for security using PKI infrastructure throughout.
  • Enforces close control and management of development (using XP methods) and deployment of software.

The GWS enables the user to exercise complete control over an account or accounts at the host bank. With this application, the user can make secure payments over the Internet or corporate Intranet using any standard Internet Browser. The system supports International SWIFT payments as well as payment delivery through The Clearing House, Fedwire, Target, SEPA, RTGS, and ACH systems. In addition, it provides access in real‐time to balances, transactions, statement information, image files and queries for accounts at the host bank.
Finally, the GWS can be interfaced with Montran DDA & Montran Investigation applications on a real-time basis to provide extensive inquiry and reporting functionality.

GWS User Capability

GWS users access the GWS using a standard browser. Users can perform the following:

  • Enter payments
  • Approve payments
  • Check status of the payments submitted
  • Inquire on payments received at the bank
  • Make balance inquiry
  • Make Investigation inquiry
  • Receive statements
  • Download statements to external formats such as CSV, TXT, XML, PDF, RTF
  • Receive Image Files
  • Download Image Files
  • Download transaction details to external formats such as CSV, TXT, XML, PDF, RTF
  • Access Static Data ‐ Customer and Account Maintenance, SWIFT, Fedwire, Chips, Target, EBA, SEPA and other Reference Information

Montran Investigation System

The GWS system also interfaces with the Montran Investigation System. Users can perform the following:

  • Initiate investigation case
  • Monitor the progress of the case
  • Inquire upon investigation queries received
  • Features
  • Modules
  • Security

Other features of the Montran GWS

  • Standing Orders and Templates
  • Transaction, Proof and Security Reports
  • Monitoring and Controlling System Resources
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • On-line Function and Field Help

GWS Modules

  • GWS Application Server – GWS software servicing institution’s clients around the world.
  • GWS Database – Holds the customer and account information, static data, transaction information, statements, image files, and investigation queries for the Branches and/or Corporate clients. Swift, Chips, Fedwire and other reference information as required by the Bank.
  • WebStation – Any PC that has IP connectivity to the GWS system and has standard Web Browser installed allows users to connect to GWS.
  • WebSphere‐MQ – Messaging communications software required for communication between GWS, GPS, INV and other systems


The security features in the Montran Global WebStation are designed to provide the highest level of protection and confidentiality of transaction information by fully addressing the subjects of Authorization, Authentication, Integrity, Non‐Repudiation and Confidentiality. The System Security Standards are based on the standards of the SWIFT network and interface products. The security components of the system include access control functions, a comprehensive audit trail logging mechanism, encryption facilities and key management functions, hash algorithms, electronic signatures, compression algorithms, prevention of duplication or loss of data and more. The main areas of system security, user access control and data security are addressed at different levels by the architectural model. User access is controlled both by the operating system and the environment. Data security is addressed by authentication and encryption options that apply to information stored in the system database as well as to the information transmitted over the communication lines. Data access security is provided through both Digital Signature and Public Key data encryption technology. Both data and system level access are controlled through user passwords maintained in encrypted security files. Corporate customers or branches can maintain their own users and profiles.
  • Secure Browser to GWS Connection – SSL, VPN, etokens, RSA, one-time passwords
  • Password composition requirements
  • Different levels of access by profile assignment
  • Administration activity logs
  • User activity logs
  • User transaction logs
  • Backup logs to media
  • Access controls limiting user access to payment types, transaction data, and functions
  • Database access restriction to application

  • Based on Open System architecture
  • A standard browser‐based "thin client" user interface
  • Server application components written in Java and running in an enterprise environment, Java EE 5.0 Application Server
  • Interoperability through the use of standardized Java API (JDBC, JMS, JTA, JCA), Interface adapters, and SOA integration