Global Payment Solution (GPS)

Increase funds transfer efficiency and control with Montran Global Payment Solution.

Montran Sets Standard

Montran created the Global Payments Industry, a business of which so many proclaim "World Leadership". None can claim to match our breadth, scope and adaptability. Montran sets the World Standard.

The need for a new payments hub

Mergers and globalization in the banking industry are driving the need for an interoperative payments hub that enables global banks to compete more effectively. Automation, standardization, and Straight‐Through Processing are essential to success in such a marketplace, as are management of domestic and worldwide regulatory requirements, as well as reliable liquidity and risk management.

Montran Global Payment Solutions

The latest open‐system release of Montran’s successful and proven Global Payment System (GPS) is an online system for the automatic processing of all payments both foreign and domestic. In addition to being a SWIFT Ready application, Montran’s GPS has certified interfaces to clearing and settlement systems all over the world.

A truly global solution, GPS consolidates all payment infrastructures into a payment hub that supports multiple banks and branches, in multiple countries, using multiple currencies, in multiple languages.

Running on all popular platforms and relational databases, GPS delivers outstanding scalability and reliability.

Better funds management control

Montran’s liquidity management tracks positions throughout the day in real‐time. Interoperable with payment and communication data, this module provides immediate access to global currency position information and controls payment scheduling, routing and re‐routing in accordance with procedures specified by the bank.

Increase straight-through processing

GPS reduces operational costs and increases throughput by maximizing the rates of Straight-Through Processing (STP), enhancing the quality of received messages with the techniques evolved over its decades of international experience. Montran Users can expect the highest possible STP rates.

Improve operational efficiency

By multiple payment-related applications, such as our well established Investigation Compensation System, DDA Current Account System, General Ledger products, and Global Webstation, the Montran solution eliminates the costs and overhead of supporting multiple systems. GPS also reduces risk exposure by providing consolidated views of the bank’s position while improving the quality of customer service.

Montran Payment Gateway System

The Montran Payment Gateway provides a portal to communication networks, including SWIFT and other messaging providers, back-office systems and payments involving National Electronic Payment Systems (NEPS) such as RTGS, ACH and CSD. Flexible system architecture allows the Payment Gateway to adapt to any configuration requirement, including access from branches around the world. To facilitate STP for payment and message information, the Gateway accepts messages and payments in standard SWIFT FIN and MX, SEPA, ISO, XML, and proprietary formats. Outgoing payments and messages likewise comply with the requirements of SWIFT FIN and MX, SEPA, ISO, NEPS and comparable interfaces. The Payment Gateway uses a Thin Client to provide access to both head office and branches.

Montran Payment Services

Transformations in banking and payment technologies, such as IP replacing other protocols and the use of SWIFTNet and XML, are being adapted by clearing systems such as CHIPS, Fedwire, TARGET2, CLS and other CSMs. These institutions establish the standards for Payment Services, creating opportunities for a broad range of services for the bank’s clients. Montran’s use of modular components fully automates client payment services while significantly reducing the cost and risk associated with implementing complex payment applications. Montran offers solutions ranging from a simple client connection delivering payments to a system that provides a broad range of global services. An implementation of Client Payment Services comprises a variety of Payment Origination and Delivery options, all relevant Monitoring displays and broad-based Reporting facilities. Payment services include the processing of a full range of settlement and clearing transactions including SEPA credit transfers and direct debits, foreign currency transactions including conversion, correspondent payments, remittances, checks, and foreign drafts. Instructions are enriched with Commission and Charges including special customer conditions, settlement instructions, economic codes, and accounting entries. Output messages are formatted and transmitted and acknowledgements are sent.

  • Features
  • Modules
  • Security
  • Cloud Computing

Other Features

  • Global Positioning - allows real-time liquidity management, tracks positions throughout the day, and dynamically routes messages.
  • Flexible Customizations - addresses each bank's specific requirements through the use of layered software implementations.
  • Message Standardization - usage of a common internal format allows automatic transformation to and from the appropriate SWIFT, ISO, or clearing formats and the bank's front-office and back-office systems.
  • Security - provides high-level, sophisticated security mechanisms that are approved and certified by central banks and industry organizations.
  • Extended Filtering System (EFS) - system for the identification and blocking of transactions involving parties found on OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control), Global Watch Lists, LAC (Local Asset Control), European and other countries' AML Lists. EFS can be configured to run as independent module or integrated with GPS.
  • Rules Engines - to reduce dependency upon the vendor, GPS provides Rules Engines throughout the application with an emphasis on Flow Control, Commissions and Charges, and Payment Type and Value Date determination, as well as the parametric controls that have proven valuable to customers. Furthermore, a suite of user-level testing tools allows the bank to simulate potential modifications.

GPS Core Modules

  • Global WebStation - a powerful three-tier, cross-platform, client-facing, Java-based application that enables the user to exercise complete control over accounts at the host bank.
  • Liquidity Management - a real-time multi-currency funds control management system that uses data produced by the payments and communication modules and provides immediate access to global monetary position information and control over scheduling and release of payments. Includes Cash pooling and sweeping of balances for one or more sets accounts in a tree structure.
  • Universal Interface - a comprehensive middleware solution that automates the exchange of information between the funds transfer networks and any external system. It enables SWIFT-style, ISO, and XML message exchange to control account balance information, advice of receipt, disposition of payments and posting of daily activity, as well as general payment processing and advising.
  • Message Gateway - allows multiple applications, banks and branches to share resources, and facilitates the exchange of payment messages to and from SWIFT, Clearing and Settlement Systems, back-office interfaces, and other interoperative products.
  • Mandate Management - comprehensive management system allows mandates to be maintained either manually or from external systems such as a centralized ACH. This module can run independently interfacing with the bank's own Payment System or can be integrated with Montran GPS to validate transactions in real-time against the mandates.


The Montran GPS provides the highest level of protection and confidentiality of transaction information in the industry. The security standards are designed to meet or exceed those of the SWIFT network, even when not directly interfacing with SWIFT. Data access security is provided through both digital signature and encryption technology based on Public Key Technology. For any sensitive operation a four or even six‐eye approval policy is applied. Screens are designed to be user friendly and intuitive with customizable menus by way of user profile functions. The system supports integration with an LDAP server as a Centralized User Repository, Single Sign On and two‐factor authentication.
The Montran GPS solution has met the criteria for the IBM Ready for PureSystems validation.
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Platform Description

Montran Global Payments System is enabled on IBM PureFlex, offering built-in expertise, integration by design, and simplified experience. IBM PureFlex System includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of Montran GPS workloads. Deployment expertise can accelerate your time to value up to 100 times versus traditional systems. Consolidation and management expertise drives automation to significantly reduce manual processes. Optimization expertise also allows the infrastructure to flex to unexpected demands without requiring expensive surplus capacity.
By delivering both simplicity and flexibility in a system with integrated expertise, Montran GPS can be rapidly deployed, meet performance levels that you demand and minimize downtime of the system while managing costs.

Hardware Requirements

• IBM PureFlex System 1.0
Montran GPS Virtual Appliance Pattern for IBM PureFlex System will soon be available for download. Please call +1-212-684-5214 or email for more details.

  • Based on open system architecture
  • A standard browser based "thin client" user interface
  • Server application components written in Java and running in an enterprise environment, Java EE 5.0 application server
  • Interoperability through the use of standardized Java API (JDBC, JMS, JTA, JCA), Interface adapters, and SOA integration

Montran has been a SWIFT Partner since 1985, and the payment systems are SWIFT Ready Applications. For more information on SWIFTReady certification programs, please click on the icon below.