General Accounting System (GAS)

Montran’s General Accounting System stands with the Montran Global Payments Solutions family of products and can be used either by itself, or with other components and options to provide a complete solution for payments processing and accounting for the bank. Interoperable with the multiple payment-related applications, such as the well established Montran Global Payment System, Investigation Compensation System and Global Webstation, the Montran solution eliminates the costs and overhead of supporting multiple systems. Montran Solutions also reduce risk exposure by providing consolidated views of the bank’s position, while improving the quality of customer service.

  • Features
  • Modules
  • Security

Features of the Montran Accounting System

  • All the transactions that are completed in the GPS, CSD and RTGS systems are posted into the accounting system automatically.
  • All the Account balances are maintained historically. Inquiry and reports can be made to these account balances at any time.
  • Back valued transactions are posted to the value date and account balances are adjusted accordingly from the back date till current date.
  • Interests are calculated based on the account balances. Flexible interest rates can be set for each account or group of accounts. The interest calculation can be performed either daily or at month-end. All the accounting entries for the interests are created and posted automatically.
  • Customer Statements can be generated for accounts with an option of generating these statements at various intervals - daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • Exhaustive reports are produced by the system. These reports are generated automatically at end of day or can be generated on demand by the user. In addition to the standard reports generated by the system, the bank can generate any other ad-hoc reports on demand from the database using standard reporting system.


The Accounting System comprises three main components:
  • Message Gateway - handles all the routing and management of messages to/from SWIFT and external applications
  • Multiple Application Servers - supports all accounting functions of the Accounting System for multiple banks, branches, territories, and applications.
  • Web Layer - supports browser-based client access from the branch locations or operating centers.

The other components are:
  • Websphere-MQ

    Messaging communications software required by SWIFT Alliance to support messaging functions to and between external applications (e.g., Montran GPS). It can also be used to communicate to other SWIFT devices.

  • Relational Database

    A database is required by the Montran Accounting System to house transaction data and static data necessary to support all functions of the accounting system. Some of the RDB servers with which Montran has experience are: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and DB2.


The Montran General Accounting System provides the highest level of protection and confidentiality of transaction information in the industry. The security standards are designed to meet or exceed those of the SWIFT network, even when not directly interfacing with SWIFT. Data access security is provided through both digital signature and encryption technology based on Public Key Technology. For any sensitive operation a four or even six‐eye approval policy is applied. Screens are designed to be user friendly and intuitive, with customizable menus by way of user profile functions. The system supports integration with an LDAP server as a Centralized User Repository, Single Sign On and two‐factor authentication.

The core design principles and standards for the Accounting System are:
  • The Accounting System is a pure Java application, using IP-based communication and web based thin-client interface. Server application components written in Java and running in an enterprise environment, Java EE 5.0 application server.
  • Conforms to industry standards for security using PKI infrastructure throughout.
  • Interoperability through the use of standardized Java API (JDBC, JMS, JTA, JCA), Interface adapters, and SOA integration
  • Enforces close control and management of development (using XP methods) and deployment of software.
  • SWIFT messaging standards: Montran's products have been a SWIFT ReadyGold label product since the award’s inception, was the first to achieve this level, and remains one of the very few SWIFT partners to achieve this level.