Enhanced Filtering System (EFS)

A comprehensive, sophisticated filtering solution designed to operate as an independent, standalone system that will scan and filter messages received from a variety of networks and applications.

The Need for an Enhanced Filtering System

As a result of ongoing client requests, Montran has decided to enhance our standard payments system filtering feature and have created the Montran Enhanced Filtering System (EFS). The Montran Enhanced Filtering System is designed to operate as an independent, standalone system that will scan and filter messages received from a variety of networks and applications.

The Montran Enhanced Filtering System Solution

The Montran Enhanced Filtering System runs as a separate system with additional features and techniques that are used to both enhance our message filtering capabilities and to also reduce the number of false positive results.

In addition to having this advanced scanning and filtering capability available on Montran's own application, the Global Payment System (GPS), the Enhanced Filtering System will also operate independently on non-Montran applications, as well.

The Montran EFS is a comprehensive, sophisticated filtering solution with flexible configuration options that supports filtering against multiple lists and various applications, interfaces into different formats, and supports multiple protocols.

EFS can perform scanning in Real-Time or in batch mode.

Just like our other applications, the Montran Enhanced Filtering System (EFS) is designed using Montran's Core Java® architecture principles. It is a wholly new module that has been built in the GPS product line of modules.

Core Principles and Standards

  • The EFS is a pure Java application, using IP-based communication and web based "thin-client" interface
  • Conforms to industry standards for security, using PKI infrastructure throughout
  • Enforces close control and management of development and deployment of software


The main components of the system are:

  • Application Server - To run the application
  • Persistence Layer - To store reference data, CIF, Sanctions Lists and to persist messages exchanged between the systems at various statuses in a standard Relational Database
  • Integration Layer - To support multiple interfaces using multiple protocol and formats
  • Web Layer - For the users to perform any manual operations and for inquiries

  • Features
  • Modules
  • Security

Features of the Montran EFS

  • Support of Multiple Lists - OFAC, European OFAC Lloyds MIU, OFSI, etc.
  • Configurable Filtering - The system can be configured to use different lists for different interfaces
  • Local List - User functions allows banks to maintain their own local list
  • Interfaces - Supports multiple applications to interface with for filtering
  • Mutiple Formats - Flexible and configurable in order to supports multiple formats and protocols for different interfaces
  • Flexible Configuration - Rule based filtering against Sanctions lists and fields allows the bank function in a multi-country and multi-branch operation
  • Flexible Response Processing - System uses configurable template based responses to suit the needs of different applications
  • Advanced Filtering Techniques - Enhanced filtering techniques are used to minimize the number of false positives. Some of the new techniques used include:
  • o Spell Checker

    o Soundex

    o Gluing

    o Token Gap Weighting

    o CIF Marking

  • Notifications - Flexible and Configurable alert notifications
  • Monitors - Real-Time monitors for the activities of various interfaces
  • Lookup and Inquiry - Extensive search and inquiry capability for both the sanctions list as well as messages processed from various applications
  • Exclusions List - User functions to allow the users to build exclusion lists to reduce false positives.
  • Recusal Exclusions - Similar to the exclusions list, the system can maintain a list of text that are to be removed from the scan text prior to the scan being performed. This allows multi-country banking operations
  • Reports - Standard and customizable reports
  • Audits and Logs - Extensive audit log for all activities of the message from start to completion



    The Montran EFS provides the highest level of protection and confidentiality of transaction information in the industry. Data access security is provided through both digital signature and encryption technology based on Public Key Technology. For any sensitive operation, a four or even six-eye approval policy is applied. Screens are designed to be user friendly and intuitive, with customizable menus by way of user profile functions. The system supports integration with Single Sign On and two-factor authentication.

  • Based on open system architecture
  • A standard browser based "thin client" user interface
  • Server application components written in Java
  • Conforms to industry standards for security using PKI infrastructure throughout
  • Interoperability through the use of standardized Java API (JDBC, JMS, JTA, JCA), Interface adapters, and SOA integration
  • Runs on any platform supporting Java™, including: Windows, UNIX, Linux, AIX, Mainframes
  • Uses any JDBC compliant RDBMS, including MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc.