BNP Paribas goes LIVE with Montran GPS Upgrade

February 2011 – Montran has had an on-going, successful 16 year working relationship with BNP Paribas since implementing our Global Payments System in December 1995. In addition to GPS, BNP Paribas also uses the Montran Investigations/Compensation module to track customer inquiries and create cases, and the Montran Global WebStation, presently available to over 850 users, to keep track of real-time payment positions and provide a portal to the Investigations System for inquiries and case logging.

In February 2011, BNP Paribas successfully migrated their VMS versions of the Montran Global Payments and Investigations/Compensation Systems to our latest release of GPS and Investigations, now running on the JAVA platform. The system is multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-branch with connections to CHIPS, Fedwire and the Canadian LVTS, and utilizing Montran’s OFAC and Liquidity Manager.