Bank of Papua New Guinea goes Live with KATS

November 2013 – Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) went live with the first phase of the Kina Automated Transfer System (KATS), which involves processing of inter-bank high-value payments. The system integrates all commercial banks, BPNG and government institutions such as PNG Customs, Ministry of Finance and Internal Revenue Commission. It operates in a V-Mode topology, linking concurrently both Participants having SWIFT connections and ones connected via the BPNG established inter-bank network.

Simultaneously, Bank of Papua New Guinea started using the Banking Services System (BSS), a member of the Montran GPS family of payment solutions. BSS automates the teller functions of the bank, which used to be largely a manual process. BSS provides Bank of Papua New Guinea with a solution to handle current teller workloads as well as prepare the bank for future growth. It integrates both with the high-value national payment system (KATS) and the internal systems of the bank (Payroll and General Ledger), using open standards on top of a Java Enterprise technology stack.